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Welcome to Rowland Project Consultancy

As a seasoned professional in the video games industry with 15+ years experience, I am now looking for my next new challenge and exciting new project.


With a background in game production, live operations, forward planning, budget management, partner management and team leadership, I can offer a variety of differing skillsets within the gaming and software industry.


If you have project with an online or multiplayer focus and a long term support strategy, but unsure of what is required to support this fully, then please do contact me for a chat.

Available for:

Team Leadership

Project Management

Game Production Consulting

Business Intelligence

Monetisation Strategy

Games as a Service Consulting

Live Operations Consulting





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I worked with Michael on AC4 multiplayer for about 18 months. He was able to assemble and manage a full Live Team from scratch with a true service mentality. As a Live Producer, his problem-solving abilities as well as his result-oriented mindset proved to be very helpful – he managed to distribute information efficiently & collaborate with various teams and studios while always keeping the project’s interests in mind. As a manager, Michael’s ability to motivate, as well as his open-mindedness make him a great person to work with. 

I’d recommended him for any Producing position in the video games industry.

Etienne Michon, Lifecycle & Analytics Manager - Assassin's Creed Brand at Ubisoft


Guitar Hero Live


Leading the live ops & post launch development team as well as overseeing the weekly content updates to the innovative and unique GHTV service side of Guitar Hero Live, my role was to ensure customers received an exceptional service with a game development strategy that incorporated the service ongoing.

Assassin's Creed

Based at the Annecy Studio, France, I was part of the studio’s direction and senior management team, specifically on the development and live support of the Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer franchise. Managing DLC and event roadmaps, I managed the development and deployment strategy with the AC brand team. Additionally I managed the external studio collaboration relationship for the PC SKU, the mobile companion app development and future title prototyping

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